The Royal Recap

29 Apr

My plan was to stay up and watch the royal wedding, but apparently my eyes were not down with that idea. I DVR’d it instead and I was able to fast forward the snooze-worthy parts (very few) and rewind and playback the swoon-worthy parts (the kiss, the vows, her entrance, etc).

My favorite part of the entire wedding was of course – the FASHION! If this wedding were a movie, the fashion (and especially hats) would be a co-star. Here are some of my favorite looks:

The Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton (even though, I’ll always refer to her as Princess), looked STUNNING in her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress. It was classic, romantic and an elegant modern twist on a traditional design. I don’t think it couldn’t have been more perfect for her:

Prince William didn’t look to bad either. I think I heard one of the reporters call him ‘dashing’ which is a PERFECT adjective:

I also loved Pippa’s dress. Who ever said it was taboo to wear white to a wedding? Ha!

And now…onto the guests!

David and Victoria Beckham looked remarkable in their royal best. The fact that Victoria Beckham is pregnant and can balance herself on those 6 inch stilettos is a miracle. She is a diva in every sense of the word. LOVE.

Quite possible my favorite hat of the event:

Princess Eugenie of York in Vivienne Westwood and Princess Beatrice of York in Valentino haute couture. These fascinators are giving me LIFE.

Lady Amelia, Lady Eliza and Lady Kitty

Zara Phillips:

And my absolute FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE look of the day. Princess Victoria of Sweden. STUN. NING.

It’s nice to see the country focused on LOVE and not WAR for a change. I wish them the absolute best!

Love and Light,
Your Royal Honnee-ness 🙂


The Royal Wedding (what else would I be blogging about?)

28 Apr

The world is all a flutter about the Royal wedding tomorrow, and I must admit that I’m one of the crazies probably the most excited. I was thinking about staying up until 3am PT to watch the coverage, limo ride, the walk down the aisle – the whole shebang. However, I figure my body won’t like me tomorrow for it. My DVR will do the trick.

I think I’m most excited to see the dress. I’ve heard rumors that it’s an Alexander Wang turtle neck number. The crazier, the better in my opinion. Here are two of my favorite wedding dresses, recently:

Mrs. Nicole Richie – Madden in Marchesa

Mrs. Ivanka Trump – Kushner in Vera Wang

I guess I have a thing for lace.

PS. I know, I’m the world’s worst blogger. I’ll get better.

Love and Light,
Honee Dee

Champagne Wishes

4 Apr

If you know me, you know I have a slight obsession with a few things: weddings, cupcakes, Beyonce, and of COURSE champagne.

Recently, I ran across an idea for a champagne bar on Style me Pretty, and fell in love! What a great idea to give guests the option to create their own champagne flavor. This would be a great idea for an engagement party, birthday celebration or New Years Eve bash.

To make it more interactive, you can also create champagne trivia to see how much your guests know about champagne. Make it fun and allow the person with the most correct answers to take home a bottle of your favorite champagne (my personal favorites: Moet, Vueve)

Here’s what you’ll need to set up your own champagne bar:

– 1 750 ml bottle of sparkling wine = 5 partially filled glasses (A 12-bottle case will serve 60 glasses)
– Allow roughly 2 drinks per person in the first hour, then less as time goes on (more like one per hour, thereafter).

Some of what you should have on hand:
– Orange juice
– Fresh peach juice
– Chambord
– Strawberries, blueberries, cranberries
– Watermelon chunks

More tips:
– To best taste the complex flavors and see the longest bubble trails, use room temperature flutes or tulip-shaped glasses.
– Place the wine in a bucket or large tub filled with ice for 30 minutes before serving.

Honee Dee

Sources: Style Me Pretty, Global Gourmet

Milk + Honey Web Series

30 Mar

When my mom sent me an email with the subject line “Milk + Honey,” I thought hmmm, maybe she’s reading my blog? Then I thought, Ugh! Mom – it’s with two ee’s, not ey! Fortunately, neither of those assumptions were correct. lol.

She sent me a new web series produced by Debbie Allen, Idris Elba and Lance Gross called Milk + Honey. The series is a scripted show based on the story of four African-American women living and working in Hollywood. The ladies strive for success as they deal with balancing both their professional and personal lives.

Love. Dreams. Go.


Love and Light,
Honee Dee

A Fried Chicken Cupcake?

16 Mar

Here I go again – talking about cupcakes 🙂

Having a quaint house party and want to wow your guests? Check out these crazy cupcake recipes below and click on the title link to get the recipe.  I’m salivating just thinking about them…









CHICKEN AND WAFFLES CUPCAKES (yes, that is fried chicken INSIDE of the cupcake. Ridic)



















Which one is your favorite? If you know me – you know the fried chicken recipe has Honee Dee written all over it.


Love and Light,

Honee Dee

Green with Envy

14 Mar

I’m not a huge St. Patrick’s Day person – but I’ve been seeing sooo much green lately, and the items below have definitely caught my eye.

After seeing this party on, I’m inspired to have a beer tasting party! Who’s with me?


Ooorrrrr what about an outdoor dinner party? Perusing one of my favorite sites Pizzazzerie, I came across this beauty. Complete with gorgeous centerpieces and stuffed artichokes! (Get the recipe on

My goal for this summer is to create a delicious candy  bar – and this one from Amy Atlas seems like a great place to start.

And, I wouldn’t be the fab hostess I am without a fab pair of shoes. Hello green loubs! (Yes, I call Christian Louboutin shoes “Loubs.” Everyone has nicknames for their lovers, right?):


I hope this leaves you green with envy and inspired to throw a themed party of your own!


Love and Light,

Honee Dee

Making a House a Home

8 Mar

I’m at the age now where a lot of my friends are purchasing homes and having great housewarming parties (still kicking myself for being too lazy to plan my own), and I’ve had quite a few friends ask me for ideas on decorations, games and gifts. So, are  you wondering what to give someone who has just recently purchased a home? I have many favorites, but one stands out especially.

I especially love the European tradition of giving a gift to the homeowner and providing homemade treasures to them, in a woven basket, that signify the start of a lovely life in a new home. There are different variations floating around the web, but it goes something like this:

Bread You will never go hungry
Broom Sweep away the evil; Your house will always be clean
Candle You will always have light
Coin Bring good fortune for the year
Honey Represents the sweetness of life
Knife Protect against intruders
Olive Oil Health, Light and believe it or not, keep your husband faithful
Penny Keep the friend from ever being at the end of the knife
Plant You will always have life
Rice Sign of fertility
Salt Represents life’s tears; You can also place a pinch of salt at the threshold of each door and window for good luck; Mend all wounds
Toilet Paper The reason is that the roll is easy to spool out and represents the hope that all problems with the new home will be as easily solved.
Wine Never go thirsty; Your home brings you happiness and joy
Wood Your life/home will always have stability, harmony and peace

The idea is to place a few of items listed above in a basket that can be reused once the homeowner uses or saves all of the contents in the basket.

The great part is, you don’t h ave to choose EVERYTHING that’s on the list. Choose 3-5 items that are your favorite and will be most meaningful for the homeowner.  It’s also a little easier on  your wallet than a $50 gift card from Target 🙂

The above basket is a thoughtful gift idea for the guest that’s looking for something unique and meaningful. Along with honey, why not throw something else in the basket such as the homeowners favorite sweet treat, such as chocolate or his/her favorite candy bar.

And be sure to get “creative” with the type of basket that you put your items in. It can be an eclectic basket from the African Marketplace or a metal tin can from The Container Store. Just be sure it’s large enough for all of your items and in good enough condition so the homeowner can use it once all of the items are removed.

Throwing the party and making the gift is easy… it’s buying the house that’s the hard part 🙂

So, what about you? What are your favorite housewarming gifts to give?

Love and Light,

Honee Dee

All photos from: The Design Sponge